PAGE Co-organizes 7th Latin America Green Awards

The 7th edition of the Latin America Green Awards (Premios Latinoamérica Verde) took place during 18-22 August 2020. Usually held in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the annual event was adapted to a 100% virtual platform this year. 

Known as the largest socio-environmental movement in Latin America, the Green Awards are one of the most relevant sustainability initiatives in the region, giving visibility to the 500 best social and environmental projects in Latin America. 

Latin America faces a number of challenges to its rich natural capital: It is home to 23% of tropical forests, 31% of water resources and 70% of the planet's biodiversity. However, it is the region with the most urban growth where 80% of the population lives in cities, causing pressure on the environment and therefore facing overpopulation, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and water pollution. 

More than just an awards ceremony,  the four-day event aims to promote dialogue and action around green economy and green finance in the region. Preparations and follow-up to the event bring together public and private sector partners, including finance institutions, as well as civil society and the media, creating an environment that generates mutual investment opportunities in sustainable ventures and ultimately more green jobs for the region.  

PAGE has been a co-organizer of the awards since 2018, supporting capacity-building initiatives, high-level dialogues and workshops with the aim to strengthening the social and environmental community of Latin American Green Awards across the region.  

This year, a High-Level Dialogue on Green Economy and Sustainable Development was organized by PAGE on August 20th focused on promoting a green and inclusive economic recovery from COVID-19. 

The first panel brought together representatives of the public and private sectors linked to research, development and management of public policies in the region to identify the main policies and cases of green and inclusive economy of interest to the region, focusing on the generation of green jobs, economic recovery and increased resilience. A second panel focused on financing innovation and sustainable companies in the region, bringing representatives of organizations and companies promoting sustainable development, to analyze the trajectory of entities that contribute to sustainability in the region, and how they address current challenges.  

PAGE support also includes the development of a unique space through the “Marketplace” since 2018, which provides a platform for participants to connect with different institutions, such as investment funds, accelerator, mentors and more. This was built upon in 2019 with a capacity building and mentoring programme for all Marketplace attendees, allowing startups to be ready and well prepared when it comes to meet potential investors and holding their meetings. As a result of these efforts, in 2019 178 projects were trained and had the support of 51 mentors and 92% of the participants indicated that their projects have improved with the mentoring program. The capacity building program and mentoring programmes were also carried this year. 

Additionally, a workshop took place on the 18th of August 2020 for journalists in the region, with the objective to create a forum to exchange and create ways on how to communicate the efforts related to green economy in the region. 

This virtual workshop allowed senior journalists from the region to train other journalists who are unaware of topics related to green economy and to share with them the efforts being made to promote green economy in the region, as well as innovative experiences and trends. A group of leading journalists in the region were targeted, coming from 6 different countries, including Brazil, to oversee the training workshop. Based on the knowledge acquired in the workshop, attendees will be able to support the dissemination of these efforts in their home countries.