The Republic of Kazakhstan joined PAGE in 2018 with the objective of achieving the ambitious targets set out in its National Development Strategy Kazakhstan 2050 and its Green Economy Concept, which serves as an IGE roadmap for the country. These targets include sourcing as much as 30% of energy from renewables by 2030, increasing to 50% by 2050.

At the sectoral level, Kazakhstan aspires to become a regional hub for green finance, which would provide further support for investments in green economy. More generally, Kazakhstan seeks to promote economic diversification through the green economy, also taking account of the benefits of achieving inclusive growth.

PAGE activities will kick-off with a scoping mission in early 2019 in a process that will be led nationally by the Ministry of Energy, with close engagement from the Ministries of Healthcare, Agriculture, Industry and Infrastructural Development and National Economy.

Opportunities for Green Economy Action in Kazakhstan

Priorities for PAGE work in Kazakhstan will be finalized pending the completion of a green economy stocktaking study. Possible areas of work include:

  • Mainstreaming IGE principles and Sustainable Development Goals and indicators into strategic policy planning.
  • Building capacity for macroeconomic modelling of green economy policies.
  • Promoting innovative financial instruments for IGE through training and South-South collaboration.
  • Supporting the formulation of a low-carbon development strategy.
  • Advancing green industry with a focus on waste management and energy efficiency.
  • Supporting agriculture sector reform with a focus on gender and decent work.