Recognizing the importance of linkages between the environment, human wellbeing and economic growth, the Indonesian government is working to incorporate sustainability policies and emission reduction activities into its national plans and targets.

PAGE officially launched in Indonesia in October 2018 with an Inception Workshop, co-hosted by the Director of Environmental Affairs from the Ministry of National Development Planning. PAGE’s work will support the Government in integrating green economy principles and low-carbon development within its National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024.

To being its work in Indonesia, PAGE has initiated:

  • A peer review of selected policy scenarios for Indonesia’s mid-term national development plan;
  • A stocktaking study to identify opportunities and challenges for IGE;
  • Assessments of green industry, land-use and energy policies, and green economy learning.

Opportunities for Green Economy Action in Indonesia

  • Support green economy modelling and investment strategies.
  • Reform sectoral polices in energy, land-use and industry.
  • Promotion of green jobs and just transition.
  • Building national green economy capacity.