Argentina has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability in the context of international processes and has a clear interest in pursuing economic, social and environmental objectives in an integrated manner.

Argentina joined PAGE in 2018, which coincided with its Presidency of the Group of Twenty. In this context, PAGE’s work in Argentina kicked off with:

  • The development of a workplan for the inception phase of PAGE’s engagement in the country, and;
  • A stocktaking exercise of existing activities undertaken by PAGE partners.

Building on this momentum, PAGE has initiated work to:

  • Asses on the economic impact and tools required for the promotion of IGE; and
  • Analyze the effects of IGE on the labour market.

Opportunities for Green Economy Action in Argentina

  • Support for national efforts around climate action and the promotion of renewable energies.
  • Technical guidance on climate and social issues, in support of Argentina’s accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Green economy communication and awareness-raising.
  • Support for the creation of green jobs.