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Key cross-sectoral policies

National Sustainable Development Strategy 2018-2023

Sustainable Development Strategy 2040

Key thematic and sectoral focuses in 2017:

Green jobs

IGE learning

IGE awareness raising

PAGE's support to the Kyrgyz Republic contributes to the achievement of the following SDGs:

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SDG goal 8: Decent work and economic growth


The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic is committed to:

  • reversing environmental degradation trends and
  • capturing opportunities for economic growth that is both inclusive and sustainable.

The need to transition to more sustainable development pathways through advancement of green economy approaches has been recognized as a national priority in various policy frameworks.

The Kyrgyz Republic was welcomed as PAGE partner country in 2016. 

 Progress in 2017: A Snapshot

The road towards a Green Economy

The country’s  National Sustainable Development Strategy is currently being updated for the 2018-2023 period in line with SDGs.

A long-term Sustainable Development Strategy for 2040 is also being developed.

PAGE is supporting the country in developing:

  • Green Economy Policy Document and Action Plan including a sustainable finance roadmap
  • Green Economy Learning Needs Assessment
  • Green Jobs Skills Assessment.

Looking Forward: A Green Economy Action Plan

Kyrgyz Republic will be drafting a Green Economy Policy Document and Action Plan to complement the National Sustainable Development Strategy 2018-2023 and the Vision 2040.

These will integrate SDGs and gender into national economic and development planning, and will be accompanied by a sustainable finance roadmap.

PAGE has supported the Ministry of Economy to establish an expert group for drafting the document and related stakeholder consultations.

Taking Stock: A Green Economy Inventory

A stocktaking report was developed in 2017 which outlines the country’s:

  • macro-economic performance
  • opportunities for sectoral reforms
  • innovation strategies
  • regulatory frameworks

The report and accompanying stakeholder consultations informs the design of the 2040 Sustainable Development Vision and the 2018-2023 National Sustainable Development Strategy.

Study visit to Mongolia

A South-South Cooperation project between the Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia has been forged to strengthen a mutual exchange on green economy policy development and practices between the two countries.

A two week study visit to Mongolia during in 2017 provided the Kyrgyz counterparts with an effective, concrete and working concept of green economy.

Mongolian policy makers and business men shared their experience in the Green Economy Forum in Bishkek.

Green economy thought exchange

A Green Economy Forum From Theory to Practice - Possibilities for Business led by the Ministry of Economy and the GIZ Sustainable Economic Development Programme was held in Bishek in 2017.

The Forum brought together the representatives of private sector, government, civil society, financial institutions and development partners.

How does PAGE's work in Kyrgyz Republic meet its objectives?


Outcome 1: National policymaking

The Kyrgyz Republic has been engaged with the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) since 2011, which has set the stage for further IGE action through PAGE support.

In 2017, PAGE, in collaboration with PEI, held an inception mission where a special emphasis was put on developing a common understanding among various stakeholders on green economy concepts and tools. A 2016 initiated green economy stocktaking exercise was also finalized this year which outlines the country’s macro-economic performance, opportunities for sectoral reforms, innovation strategies, regulatory frameworks, existing green economy practices, and challenges for further green economy action.

As part of a South-South Cooperation project between the Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia to strengthen mutual exchange on green economy policy development and practices, a study visit in Mongolia was held in 2017 for Kyrgyz counterparts. Following this, Mongolian experts participated in a Green Economy Forum in Bishkek. The winners of a green economy communications competition, held by PAGE and GIZ, were awarded at the Green Economy Forum.

Outcome 2: Sectoral reform

Kyrgyz Republic has identified priority areas for pursuing inclusive economic growth while safeguarding the environment and natural resources. During the inception mission in February 2017, discussions were held on the potential priority areas for sectoral and thematic reform that PAGE could support. These areas are now further analysed and discussed as part of the process for the Green Economy policy document and action plan. 

In 2017, a Green Jobs Skills Assessment has been conducted, including research on skills for green jobs to inform the GE Policy Document and Action Plan.

Looking forward, in 2018 PAGE will support the development of a sustainable finance road map, sustainable public procurement, capacity development on green economy tools and assessments, and policy analysis on green industry.

Outcome 3: Strengthening capacity

In terms of strengthening capacity in the Kyrgyz Republic, a Green Economy Learning Needs Assessment for civil servants has been initiated. The Assessment is being conducted by the American University of Central Asia, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy and the State Personnel Services. Based on the outcomes of the needs assessment, further support for green economy learning will be undertaken in 2018. 

Outcome 4: Knowledge sharing 

PAGE is supporting countries to improve their Inclusive Green Economy knowledge base by generating and sharing knowledge products such as manuals, reports, lessons learned and best practices with the aim to inform and support national policy analysis and formulation.

For knowledge sharing, PAGE organizes high level events, conferences, workshops involving current and future PAGE countries to build networks and global platforms to exchange experiences and information.

SDGs and Paris Agreement Articles

In the Kyrgyz Republic, PAGE is contributing towards the achievement of two SDGs (8 and 17) through green economy knowledge sharing and capacity building, supporting the development of a Green Economy Policy Document and Action Plan and providing assistance towards partnership building with key partners.

Kyrgyz Republic is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The graphic above shows the interaction and interdependence between the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement articles that PAGE supports in a given country. The degree of interrelatedness is expressed by proximity of the SDGs/articles to each other.