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The power of partnerships: PAGE can do more with less

PAGE brings together the expertise of UN agencies, funding partners, action partners and the wider green economy community to transform economies and financial systems into drivers of sustainability and social equity.


UN Agencies


Funding partners


Action Partners

South-South Cooperation

South-south cooperation promotes collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience and tools between countries in the global south. South-south cooperation among PAGE countries empowers stakeholders to shape home-grown solutions to transition to an inclusive green economy. PAGE supports sharing of experiences and lessons learned for conducting assessments, policy analysis and design, and strategies among its partners.

We realised that Mauritius has been able to implement a plastic ban... So maybe we can deepen our understanding of the strategy that has been undertaken in Mauritius and implement it in our country.

Ghanaian participant at PAGE Green Economy Academy


Accelerating Global and Regional Collaboration

Green Economy Academy held in Turin

Green Economy Academy

At the second global Green Economy Academy held in Turin, Italy in October 2016, policymakers from Barbados, China, Kyrgyz Republic, South Africa, and others shared policy perspectives in a high-level dialogue. 

National Green Economy Academy.National Green Economy Academy.

Senegal-Burkina Faso cooperation

Senegal’s Insitute of Environmental Sciences presented its experience delivering government support to Burkina Faso during the National Green Economy Academy.

PAGE launch in Brazil

Peru-Brazil support

Partner country Peru shared their experiences during the launch of PAGE in Brazil (Mato Grosso State).