Achieving outcome 1

To achieve the targets under outcome 1, PAGE has been supporting countries with IGE diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis, prioritization of IGE sectors, as well as mobilization and engagement of public, private and civil society stakeholders. With the joining of Barbados, Brazil (Mato Grosso State) and Kyrgyz Republic, PAGE is now supporting 11 countries and provinces/states.

To summarize the progress of the achievements of outcome 1 so far by end of 2016:

  • 8 countries have adopted (out of which 3 started implementing) national development plans or cross-sectoral strategies integrating IGE priorities. 3 additional counties were in the adoption process in 2016.
  • 13 reports were completed (4 additional reports in 2016) providing national IGE diagnostics, assessments and policy analysis and feeding in to national planning processes.
  • 36 cross-sectoral consultations (16 additional consultations in 7 countries in 2016) were organized to mobilize stakeholders, share results of policy analysis and consult priorities.
  • 5 countries (3 additional countries in 2016: new committees were formed in Mongolia and Peru after change of governments in both countries) with national steering committees (NSC) overseeing IGE work meeting regularly.

In-country activities in the following countries support the achieving of PAGE outcome 1: