Informing Priorities

PAGE has a key focus on supporting the development of key sectors that can drive future economic growth and sustainable development.

PAGE provides tools and services for:

  • Identifying opportunities and developstrategies for sustainable green jobs, environmental protection and economic growth;
  • Developing strategies and action plans for greening sectors that are domestically economically and socially important;
  • Building skills to enable individuals and the private sector, include fina to harness and develop opportunities in key sectors; and
  • Building the capacity for policymakers to develop and implement green sectoral policies and practices.


In Action


PAGE analyzes the potential of individual economic sectors, as well as specific thematic areas, including trade, jobs, industry, learning needs and the macroeconomic environment to determine inclusive green economy opportunities and capacity for development


PAGE develops action and investment plans for promoting sectors that grow the economy, protect the natural environment and provide better employment and consumption choices for poor and vulnerable communities


PAGE builds skills and helps lay the policy groundwork for the growth of specific strategic sectors to power
the inclusive green economy


PAGE works with business associations, universities and governments to develop and deliver green skills curricula customized to the growth trajectory of the country


PAGE’s modelling enables policymakers prioritise different sectoral investment and policy decisions based on the projected trade-offs and winners and losers of those decisions