PAGE country stories Senegal


With approximately 46 per cent of its territory classified as semi-arid, Senegal is especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming. Risks posed by desertification, over exploitation of forest and fish stocks, combined with youth unemployment and persistent poverty represent major development challenges. In 2014, Senegal adopted a new development model to accelerate its progress toward emerging market status. This strategy, entitled the “Plan Senegal Emergent” (PSE), now constitutes the reference for economic and social policy in the medium and long term. The PSE acknowledges the green economy as a means to achieve basic social needs and sustainable development. 

PAGE objectives in Senegal

PAGE intervention in Senegal is geared towards supporting the implementation of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE), the national development framework and its five-year Priority Action Plan (PAP 2014-2018). 

PAGE work in Senegal has commenced in two priority work-streams:

  1. Support for the operationalization of the ‘Plan Senegal Emergent’, integrating IGE goals and targets, and the national green jobs strategy. PAGE focuses on two pillars of the PSE which are of particular relevance to the transition to a green economy: 1) Structuring transformation of the economy and growth, and 2) human capital, social protection and sustainable development.
  2. Support to the development of a green industry strategy drawing on the analysis provided by a green industry assessment

Additional priorities suggested for 2016 include:

  • Support to the development of a Green GDP in Senegal or assessing the environmental sector's contribution to the GDP
  • Inclusion of sustainability in the national legal framework for public procurement
  • Analysis of options for reforming subsidies in the energy sector with a view to promoting green financing
  • Supporting the implementation of the programme for the promotion of green jobs (PACEV).


PAGE launched in Senegal and Project Steering Committee Established