June 2017 Update

We are excited to report that the MPTF is disbursing the first round of PAGE funding of USD 1.96 million to agencies this month. The PAGE team is grateful for the upcoming contributions from Finland and Sweden to the MPTF. We are already seeing efficiency gains from this streamlined Trust Fund arrangement.

We are happy to share with you below some exciting updates on activities and upcoming events, and useful resources. Please find below detailed country updates - an informal internal Secretariat document, and email addresses for country focal points. 

FilePAGE country updates May 2017

File PAGE Country Contacts - Focal Points and National Coordinators

Green Economy gaining visibility

At the 106th International Labour Conference, Director-General Guy Ryder told delegates that job creation and protection of the planet can and must work together for a sustainable future. The report of the Director-General, “Work in a Changing Climate: The Green Initiative” highlights that “there is a great deal of evidence that the transition to an inclusive green economy can indeed act as a new engine for growth and a strong driver of decent work creation in developing, emerging and advanced economies.”

UN Secretary-General embraced the green economy concept, remarking that “those who fail to bet on the green economy will be living in a grey future [but] those who embrace green technologies will set the gold standard for economic leadership in the twenty-first century.”

Minister Edna Molewa of South Africa mentioned PAGE in the recent Budget Speech “…the onus to create green jobs cannot be on government alone. In this regard, forging partnerships and incentivising private sector investment, both domestically and internationally, is key….to this end South Africa is a member of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), that seeks to put sustainability at the heart of economic policies and practices”.

Recent activities

A National Steering Committee meeting in South Africa was held on 25 May. Country delegations of Norway, Germany, the EU and SECO attended, as well as representatives from IKI and GIZ. The NSC endorsed all activities to be initiated in 2017 and will now proceed towards implementation.  

Mongolia held a training on green economy and trade attended by more than 50 participants. Over 90% of participants reported having enhanced knowledge and skills following the training.

China supported a training on sustainable value chain in Nanjing with 70 participants, in collaboration with the Policy Research Center of Environment Economics and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Upcoming activities

A workshop in Peru to strengthen planning capacity through quantitative and macro-economic modelling will be held on 21-22 June in Lima. This workshop supports the National Strategy for Green Growth and will support Peru in the process of adopting and institutionalizing the T21 model.

Mauritius Stock Exchangehas requested PAGE support to develop a green bonds programme. Consultations with the Stock Exchange and Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with UNEP FI, began in June.

A Kyrgyz Republic Stocktaking Report is well underway. PAGE is supporting the Green Economy Strategy and Action Plan, a national strategy to complement the next five-year development plan of the country in line with the Strategy 2040.

South-South-Cooperation between Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia is proving to be a key mechanism for advancing green economy. Planning is advancing for learning and experience exchanges between the two countries. Mauritius has expressed interest in learning from South Africa on their experience on green bonds.

Useful resources

The Learning and Resources section on the PAGE website now features all PAGE global content, including on e-learning courses, learning materials, education and training institutions, and technical guidance.

Thank you for comments on the summary of the Donor Steering Committee meeting held in Berlin on 29 March. We have incorporated your comments, the updated version is available here.

FileFinal Summary - 6th PAGE DSC Meeting

As requested in the Donor Steering Committee meeting, we are pleased to provide the list of key contact points per country. This includes the agency focal point from PAGE, the government focal point and the national coordinator.

FilePAGE Country Contacts - Focal Points and National Coordinators

As always we remain at your disposal should you be interested in additional information about any of these updates.