Policy & Planning

At its core, PAGE helps governments create and implement policies that promote green economic activities, through technical advice, analysis and capacity building.

PAGE provides tools and advisory services for:

  • Analyzing the current policy situation in the country, to set a benchmark and to see where improvements can be made;
  • Building the skills and capacity of government and other stakeholders to project the impact of different policy and investment scenarios on social, economic and environmental outcomes;
  • Measuring the impact of green economic policies on the economy and community; and
  • Developing networks for advice, expertise and best practices on green economy policy.


In Action


PAGE analyzes the current policy environment and how it is impacting economic development, employment, environmental sustainability, and social inclusiveness


PAGE has developed a tool that takes several commonly used modelling methods, and integrates them to forecast the economic, social and environmental tradeoffs of specific policy and investment scenarios


PAGE develops guidelines on what is important to measure, how should it be measured, and how it interacts with other social and economic factors


PAGE analyzes how existing or proposed policies align with national development targets, the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals


PAGE ensures that the domestic policy-making infrastructure can carry on building momentum towards an inclusive green economy


PAGE builds interministerial coordination mechanisms, cross-sectoral networks and international platforms to exchange ideas about policy innovations and learn best practices and lessons on implementation