Connecting Finance

PAGE works with relevant institutions and initiatives to support governments and the private sector develop strategies to build financial systems that are responsive to and rewarded for sustainable investment.

Tools and services help in:

  • Developing plans and strategies for scaling and greening financial systems;
  • Bringing together key actors to connect finance with green economy policies, projects and initiatives;
  • Building institutional capacities and individual skills to participate in and accelerate green finance activities; and
  • Advocating and provide a platform mobilizing green finance on the global stage.


In Action 


PAGE conducts and interprets analyses to determine the appetite for green financial products within the domestic market to inform planning and drive investment


PAGE works with partners and experts to develop strategies to scale sustainable and ‘green’ finance practices and products, through identifying key characteristics and objectives, and exploring possible action plans to achieve these goals


PAGE forms strategic connections between relevant government ministries, public sector finance, the banking sector and green finance experts to enable the public and private sector to work together to create conditions favourable for green finance to flourish


PAGE delivers training on green financial mechanisms and products to help create a critical mass of skilled and interested parties to engage in green financial markets


PAGE provides platforms to elevate and amplify the coversation on green finance on a global stage, highlighting its centrality for long term sustainable development at global events and discussions